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Test! Don’t Guess!

Direct to consumer lab tests are available in 46 states, excluding RI, NY, NJ, and MD. If you live in a state that allows direct to consumer testing, this means that you can take greater control of your health by ordering your own lab tests. Read on to learn about questions I asked and answers I received from ordering my own lab tests.

Am I sensitive to gluten?

Direct to consumer testing saved my health in 2006. I had reached the end of the line with conventional medicine lab testing which could only tell me I did not have celiac disease. That was good news, but I still felt terrible. I persisted as my own health advocate relentlessly seeking answers until I found direct to consumer lab testing. I discovered that I had genes for gluten sensitivity and that my gut health was similar to someone who had celiac disease. Finally I was able to take action based on facts. Access to my own biological health information allowed me to take control of my health.

Is my vitamin D3 level optimal?

I began tracking my vitamin D3 level in 2014. Every six months a test kit arrives in the mail from Grassroots Health so that I can be sure this important nutrient remains in an optimal range. Just recently I discovered my D3 level was above where I want it to be. Tracking with direct to consumer testing allows me to adjust my dosing in a safe and responsible way.

Do I get enough omega 3 from natural sources?

In 2019, I added omega 3 to my D3 test. I had no idea where I was with this nutrient. My test results came back well below optimal. I now have information to calculate safe dosing of omega 3 to get my level into an optimal range.

Test! Don’t Guess!

Unlock your own biological data. Results are sent directly to you. You are empowered to take action to improve your most valuable asset – your health! A list of the direct to consumer labs mentioned above follows as well as a lab that provides both single tests and comprehensive test panels. I encourage you to be your own advocate and use the lab of your choice. Information is shared to empower you to take responsibility for your health! I am not an affiliate with any lab listed below.


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The information provided by Upstream Wellness Coaching is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please seek the advice of a qualified health care professional in the event something you have read here raises questions or concerns regarding your health.

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