Rachel’s Bio

Rachel Jones, BSN, FMCHC

Rachel is founder of Upstream Wellness Coaching, a client-centered coaching firm dedicated to helping people thrive who are facing health challenges like living with food sensitivities, reducing toxin exposure or feeling stuck and overwhelmed in life. She does not diagnose disorders or prescribe treatment plans. What Rachel does is help her clients prioritize what matters most to them about their health. Together they co-create actions steps to help her clients make the lasting lifestyle changes they want to make.

“Thank you, Rachel, for spending time with me and sharing your wisdom. You are the perfect mix of knowledgeable, sympathetic and encouraging. Those strengths will be life-changing for whoever you coach.” Ingrid S., Pennsylvania

Food Sensitivities

For those with food sensitivities, Rachel offers practical coaching resources backed by over 15 years of personal experience eating gluten, dairy and egg free. As a result, you can expect to receive recipes, general meal planning tips and shopping lists specific to your needs. Additionally, she can help you learn how to navigate social eating situations so you can stress less about eating and focus more on living well.

“After my gastric bypass surgery, Rachel walked me through a gluten-free period. I also needed her help with eating dairy free and increasing my water intake. I am much more aware of how to eat to feel my best with Rachel’s guidance!” Joy P., New York

Mercury Removal and Clean Eating

For clients undergoing mercury removal by a biologic dentist, Rachel offers her expertise as both a Functional Medicine certified health coach and former dental hygienist to help you understand how to support the detoxification process naturally using diet and lifestyle strategies. Those seeking to reduce their exposure to toxins other than mercury also benefit from Rachel’s clean living coaching sessions.

“Rachel helped me to understand what questions to ask my doctor about safely coming off one of my medications. She is very knowledgeable and helped me feel confident about talking to my doctor. Rachel is such a gentle soul and has an immense compassion to help others. I am so grateful to her!” Julie P., Florida

Life Transitions

For any clients who feel stuck, Rachel offers a powerful strengths-based approach to overcoming negative thought patterns and feelings of overwhelm. Learning how to express your strengths daily can transform your life! Rachel uses her positive psychology coaching expertise and the knowledge of your strengths to help you develop a new vision of your best life and then together you create the action steps you want to take to get there.

“Rachel’s analysis of my character strengths was very accurate and comprehensive. The information I received was valuable for helping me discover ways to build on my strengths in order to reach my maximum potential.” Maha M., Pennsylvania

Formal Education

  • June 1984: Associate Degree Dental Hygiene Practiced in Virginia from 1984-1989
  • August 2014: Associate Degree in Letters, Arts and Science, Penn State University
  • August 2016: Registered Nurse Diploma Program
  • December 2018: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Penn State University
  • January 2019: Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Other Things to Know About Rachel

Current professional license:

  • Registered Nurse licensed from September 2016 to the present

Professional Membership:

  • American Holistic Nurses Association

Coaching Specialties:

  • Positive Psychology – Focusing on what’s RIGHT with you!
  • Lifestyle Medicine – Sleep and Relaxation, Nutrition, Exercise and Movement, Stress Management, Finding Meaning and Purpose in Life
  • Food Sensitivities and Other Food Plans: Elimination; Plant Based; Paleo; Low Acid; Detox with Whole Foods; Clean Eating; Gluten, Dairy and Egg Free

Rachel’s Top 5 Character Strengths:

  • Honesty
  • Spirituality
  • Love
  • Appreciation of Beauty
  • Love of Learning

Family Life and Interests

Rachel lives in the beautiful ridge and valley region of Pennsylvania with her husband, David. She has two grown children and three adorable grandchildren. When not working with her coaching clients, she enjoys cooking with whole foods, food sensitivity recipe development, organic gardening, staying fit, nature, creating art, spending time with family and friends, and continuing to learn from a variety of sources. Rachel loves nurturing life!

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