Coaching Services

A Partnership

Rachel views wellness coaching as a highly valued partnership designed to create health through collaboration, investigation, accountability, and education where the client is always in the driver’s seat. Client preferences are the foundation of all sessions.

There are several options for working with Rachel:

  • Individual Sessions
  • Bundled Session Packages
  • Individual and Group Programs

Packages bundle services to save you 15% off single session rates. Programs are self-paced and packed with tremendous value, including both educational resources and wellness coaching support.

Please reach out with questions using the contact page or don’t hesitate to schedule a free Discovery Call!

Upstream Wellness Coaching Programs and Packages

Individual and Group Programs:

Detox Your Life – is a collection of holistic health programs designed to educate and support clients who are ready to reclaim their energy, vibrancy and renew their satisfaction with life. Programs are open for a minimum of 6 months to allow ample time to download all supporting materials. Click here to access a FREE 3-Day Preview of the Detox Your Life Program.

Follow the link below for more detailed information on programs and packages:

Rachel’s Services and Programs at Practice Better

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All fees for services are available on Rachel’s business platform Better.

Page last updated September 13, 2020

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