Detox Your Mind Free Mini-Course

Detox Your Mind Free Mini-Course is a self-paced online program offered free of charge to help you overcome negativity!

Detox Your Mind - fog lifting from the surface of a lake.

Detox Your Mind – Break Free of Negative Thought Patterns

The Detox Your Mind free mini-course was created by Rachel Jones, registered nurse and certified health coach. Rachel shares from her experience and education based on positive psychology. She is passionate about helping you overcome negativity so you can start writing a more positive life story – today!

Five powerful lifestyle habits covered in the Detox Your Mind mini-course:

  • changing your self-talk
  • focusing on your character strengths
  • reconnecting with your purpose
  • practicing mindfulness
  • developing gratitude

You can reclaim your mental clarity, joy and purpose for living your best life!

Quote: One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

How to access the Detox Your Mind Free Mini-Course

Access to the course is through Better, a secure healthcare client portal. First, you create a free profile that can be deleted at any time. This is how you will add the course to your client portal.

Then you will activate your account at Better by clicking an activation link in an email sent from Better to the address you use to sign up. This is not an email list. There is no spam or other promotional material sent to you.

Everything you need to complete the mini-course is conveniently located in one place and you will have access to the material for 6 months! There’s plenty of time to download materials and access the resources in the course. Therefore, you can work at your own pace through the five mind detox topics.

Additionally, you can chat with Rachel using the messenger feature at Better so if you have questions or comments about anything in the course you have her personal support!

To read more about the course or to reserve your seat click the link below. There is no obligation to purchase anything. This is Rachel’s way of supporting others during this unprecedented stressful time in our lives.

Detox Your Mind Mini-Course

Read what others have to say about Rachel’s Lifestyle Detox Courses:

“This course was a wealth of information! I loved how Rachel provided resources to read and watch plus book recommendations to read more if we wanted. I will still be learning and continuing to make changes long after the course is done. Very well done!

Lisa B., New York

“The idea of HOLISTICALLY detoxing our lives is so important yet so overlooked nowadays. This program was very thorough in addressing a variety of habits to improve. I am so grateful for this information and to Rachel for coaching me through it.”

Ingrid S., Pennsylvania

In the Detox Your Life Program I learned how important it is to slow down, to take time to be mindful, to pay close attention to my self-talk and to listen to my body. By the end of the program the symptoms I had been experiencing dropped by 31%! I know I will continue to improve as I put more of what I learned into practice over time.”

Katrina M., Virginia

Rachel Jones, BSN, RN, FMCHC

Rachel is a registered nurse and functional medicine certified health coach who is passionate about helping you transform your life using lifestyle detox. You have more power than you may realize to change your health outcomes and start living your best life – today!


The information provided by Upstream Wellness Coaching is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please seek the advice of a qualified health care professional in the event something you have read here raises questions or concerns regarding your health.

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