Winter 2020 Detox Your Life Program

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The Winter 2020 Detox Your Life in 21 Days group program launches on January 31st!

What is the Detox Your Life in 21 Days Program?

Great question! First of all, Detox Your Life in 21 Days is not a hard-to-swallow-green-juice-diet or unrealistic boot-camp exercise program. Instead you will explore 15 powerful lifestyle changes that can absolutely transform your life. Establishing healthy habits shared in the program like whole food nutrition, mindfulness, and restorative sleep can help you:

  • reclaim your energy
  • improve your relationships
  • practice being kinder to yourself
  • find more purpose and satisfaction in living
  • empower you to take responsibility for your health
  • experience your own health and wellbeing transformation!
lifestyle detox can transform your life!
Experience your own transformation!

You will learn about lifestyle changes that may surprise you with the powerful effect they can have to restore energy and balance health. You choose what you want to practice or learn about. Creating a personalized lifestyle detox strategy to achieve your own health transformation is the goal of the program!

With a little knowledge and some effort (yes, it does take some effort 😊), you can reclaim your energy, vibrancy and satisfaction in life. All the small steps you choose to take have a BIG impact leading to better health outcomes.

small steps = BIG impact!
Small steps equal BIG impact!

Don’t let 21 Days intimidate you. 21 Days refers to the length of the educational part of the program. There is no pressure to achieve unrealistic goals in a short amount of time because with your new knowledge you can continue your detox lifestyle journey well after the program closes. Discover for yourself what Lifestyle Detox is ALL about!

This course was a wealth of information! I loved how Rachel provided resources to read and watch plus book recommendations to read more if we wanted. I will still be learning and continuing to make changes long after the course is done. Very well done!

Lisa B., New York

Detox Your Life Program is 100% online
Convenient online program!

More details about the program:

The program will start Friday, January 31st and run through March 2nd. You will have access to the information for an entire year so you can revisit the material at your own pace.

The content is released weekly for 3 weeks. It is designed to be read in about 20 minutes, but if you want to go deeper there is so much more you can read, watch and do. You pick and choose which of the 5 weekly topics you would like to explore and how much time you want to spend on them.

group coaching calls are included
Group Coaching calls included in program!

Group coaching calls included:

There are 6 group coaching calls with Rachel, your program guide. Two calls per week are included in the program ~ so you can attend at the most convenient time, morning or evening.

The group calls are designed so that you can ask questions and continue to explore the Detox Your Life topics in the context of a group session with a certified health coach as your moderator.

Everything is online all in one place:

The Detox Your Life in 21 Days Program is run completely online at Upstream Wellness Coaching’s client portal – Better. You can access and download all of the content with a computer or mobile device. Watch a short video that gives you a tour inside the Better client portal. Contact Rachel with any questions!

Choose your favorite Detox Your Life Program resources!
You can choose your favorite resources – some or all of them!

Resources included:

  • Whole Food Recipe Book containing 30 seasonal recipes
  • Shopping Lists and suggested Menu Plansnot required to participate
  • Kitchen Food Prep and Cooking Tips handout
  • Suggested Lifestyle Detox Protocol handout to spark your own ideas
  • a customizable Workbook to help you reflect on what you are learning
  • a Guidebook which delves into more information on lifestyle detox
  • additional Resources to watch and read in the information packed Modules
  • PLUS you will have access to our private group chat
  • individual chat with Rachel
  • and twice weekly live group coaching calls!

The idea of HOLISTICALLY detoxing our lives is so important yet so overlooked nowadays. This program was very thorough in addressing a variety of habits to improve. I am so grateful for this information and to Rachel for coaching me through it.

Ingrid S., Pennsylvania

How much does it cost?

Detox Your Life in 21 Days regular price is $297.

Early bird registration is 50% off!

Your cost is $147

if you register before January 31st!

Group size is limited. Reserve your seat today!

Sign up with a friend and go through the program together!

Find out more at the link below:

Read more details (no obligation) at the link below. You can also sign up at the same link to save your seat in the program:

Winter Detox Your Life in 21 Days

I am so excited for us to get started on your Detox Your Life transformation!

Rachel Jones, BSN, RN, FMCHC

Rachel is a registered nurse and functional medicine certified health coach who is passionate about helping you transform your life using lifestyle detox. You have more power than you may realize to change your health outcomes and start living your best life – today!

Follow Rachel on Facebook for the latest information on coaching programs & special offers, plus tips for detoxing your life!


The information provided by Upstream Wellness Coaching is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Please seek the advice of a qualified health care professional in the event something you have read here raises questions or concerns regarding your health.

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