Detox Your Life


Learn to detox your life so that you can stress less, reach optimal health and start living your best life today! Make detox a way of life so you can experience:

  • more energy
  • better health outcomes
  • renewed meaning and purpose
  • confidence acting as your own health advocate

“This course was a wealth of information! I loved how Rachel provided resources to read and watch plus book recommendations to read more if we wanted. I will still be learning and continuing to make changes long after the course is done. Very well done!” Lisa B., New York

“As a cancer survivor I know it is very important to be smart in the choices of food and of cleaners I use in my environment. I learned more about this in the Detox Your Life Program plus how important it is to slow down, to take time to be mindful, to pay close attention to my self-talk and to listen to how my body reacts to food. By the end of the program the symptoms I had been experiencing dropped by 31%! I know I will continue to improve as I put more of what I learned into practice over time.” Katrina M., Virginia

Rachel guides you in learning how to Detox Your Life!

Meet Rachel Jones, BSN, FMCHC

Rachel is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach with a passion to help others understand that detox is not a once and done event like doing a 3-day green smoothie fast. Detox is a lifestyle that makes living your best life possible. Do you have questions like these:

  • What’s next in my life?
  • How can I reclaim my energy and mental clarity?
  • How do I cope with this diagnosis?

If so, you are definitely not alone! Rachel totally gets it because she’s been right where you are. Unknown food triggers, stressful life circumstances and negative thought patterns all contributed an unhealthy and unsatisfying life.

There is hope!

You can learn to detox your life, too! Read more about Rachel’s journey here.

“In my thirties and early forties I was sluggish and suffered from depression. Now in my mid-fifties I feel energized and at my peak! Thank you, Rachel!” Joy P., New York

“Rachel is an outstanding holistic coach who takes the time to understand the whole picture. I was impressed by her approach and grateful for her kind way of sharing her wisdom.” Maha M., Pennsylvania

Detox Your Life - upstream!

Time for Change

Rachel’s success at making and sustaining detox lifestyle changes fuels her passion to help other people facing obstacles to better health by offering:

  • personalized lifestyle support
  • detox lifestyle resources
  • individual and group programs

that take the stress out of making challenging lifestyle changes.

If you are tired of feeling powerless over your health downstream, Rachel can show you how to move to more vibrant health – upstream.

Follow Rachel on Facebook for the latest information on coaching programs & special offers, plus tips for detoxing your life!

“I have had the opportunity to be coached by Rachel so I can tell you what to expect: good preparation and organization, careful listening and a gentle and thoughtful demeanor.” Richard P., Rhode Island

healthy and vibrant living

What to Expect

Rachel understands that everyone is different. You can expect personalized resources and the information YOU are seeking so that you can stress less while you:

  • learn lifestyle strategies that support whole-body detox
  • tap into your strengths to focus on what’s right with you
  • become your own best health advocate

“Rachel has been a great encouragement to me on my road to wellness. When we first met I weighed over 300 pounds and had several illnesses due to the excessive weight I was carrying. I had gastric bypass surgery and lost 150 pounds. Since then Rachel has helped me to stay on track with my new diet plan and supplement regimen so I can feel my best!” Joy P., New York

Detox Your Life and live well!

Detoxing Your Life is Possible!

Experience the power of wellness coaching delivered by someone who understands both the science behind detox and your frustrations with roadblocks to better health. Rachel is passionate about helping you detox your life so you can start living well today!

“Rachel has a broad base of knowledge, a high level of integrity and the ability to find what’s good about you. If you’re thinking about having her coach you, my best advice would be – do it!” Richard P., Rhode Island

The Fine Print

Clicking the link to connect with Rachel will take you to a registration page at Practice Better, a private and secure practice management website for scheduling appointments and delivery of telehealth services like the free Discovery Call. You will be asked to provide your name, an email address, and telephone number in order to schedule a Discovery Call. Please read more about connecting with Rachel in her coaching practice at About Upstream.

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